The Backer Family has owned and operated Backer Farm in Mendham for nearly 100 years.

– We love, respect, and appreciate this extraordinary place, and the ideologies in which it upholds.

– Our family and staff have put generations of craftsmanship, sweat, tears, and passion into this land and community.

– Preserving what Mendham means to our family is not only a priority, it is deep in our roots as citizens and neighbors.

For our many supporters, we say thank you. More to come…

With Love,

The Backer Family

A render of what we hope our project to look like upon completion.

Mendham, NJ

Coming Soon.

Mendham, NJ

You can text us directly at 844-777-0768.


About the Backer Family:

The Backer Family will soon celebrate its 100th Anniversary on the farm, which now includes the 5th generation to live in the farmhouse.  Resiliency is an inherent quality of farming, farmers, and the Backer family.  The Backer family has evolved its agriculture with changing times, enrolled in farmland preservation, and continued to voluntarily share the farm and farm products with its community.

The Backer family has provided farm-based education and passive recreation to community groups and donated farm-fresh produce to those in need, including first responders at Morristown Medical Center during the pandemic.  The Backer family’s dedication to agricultural production, resiliency, and community connection is a tradition that will continue and the Backers look forward to continuing to serve the local community with this next evolution of the farm.