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On Thursday, February 3, 2022, Backer Farm, a family-owned and operated farm in Mendham Township, received approval from the Morris County Agriculture Development Board (CADB) on the next step in the review of its farm-based brewery application. A public hearing can now be scheduled.

Previously, the Morris CADB approved Backer Farm’s standing as a commercial farm
at its December 9, 2021 meeting. As a commercial farm, Backer Farm is entitled to the protections of New Jersey’s Right to Farm Act.

Backer Farm has submitted a Site-Specific Agriculture Management Practice
(SSAMP) which is best described as a farm site plan. The SSAMP is a means for a commercial farm to receive a formal review and approval by the Morris CABD of its farm based commercial activity.

At the last meeting, the Morris CADB approved the “
Application Checklist” for the project. The checklist mirrors what a local planning board conducts, which lays out all of the particulars that need to be addressed by the applicant in order to fulfill their obligations under the Right to Farm Act including stormwater management, wetlands management, consideration of county and local ordinances, and farm site standards. After a discussion and public hearing, the Morris CADB moved forward with approving the Application Checklist.

What’s Next?
With the approval of the Application Checklist, the Morris CADB can now hold a public hearing on the SSAMP application. For this to happen, a notice will be prepared for all property owners within 200’ of the farm at least 10 days prior to the public hearing. Backer Farm hopes the Morris CADB will soon schedule the public hearing for an upcoming meeting.

This will be the first opportunity for Backer Farm to present its proposal and provide
expert testimony. The Mendham Township Planning Board held a public hearing on July 1, 2021; however, Backer Farm was not able to present any plans or experts related to the brewery project.

Following the public hearing, the Morris CADB will memorialize its determination by Resolution. If they decide to approve the application, Backer Farm will seek approval of the Limited Brewery License via the Federal and State governments and begin renovation of the dairy barn to make the brewery a reality.

“As members of the Mendham community for nearly 100 years, the Backer family has always cared deeply about the place we call home,” said Fred Backer of Backer Farms. “We’ve taken great care in all aspects of the application process for our farm-based brewery project, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Mendham and Morris County to ensure our project reflects our multigenerational commitment to our community and neighbors.”


The Backer Family has owned and operated Backer Farm in Mendham for nearly 100 years. We love, respect, and appreciate this extraordinary place, and the ideologies in which it upholds. Our family and staff have put generations of craftsmanship, sweat, tears, and passion into this land and community. Preserving what Mendham means to our family is not only a priority, it is deep in our roots as citizens and neighbors. For our many supporters, we say thank you, more to come…

With Love,
The Backer Family